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Unity 3D Game Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

A toolset used to build games and the technology that executes the graphics, the audio, the physics, the interactions, the networking. Everything you hear and see on the screen is powered by this code that has to be super-optimized because it's moving so much data and throwing so many pixels on the screen. David Helgason, CEO and Co-Founder, Unity Game Engine.

Starting Out

Three young Danish programmers (or self proclaimed hackers) started out in the basement, inspired by developing something similar to Apple's Final Cut Pro video making tool, but for video games development and named it as UNITY. 2005 saw the first primitive release and by 2008, the engine was among the first few to extend support to the newly launched iTunes Store and iPhone and it gradually evolved into a Sophisticated Game development tool.

Cartoon Network`s MMO RPG game FUSIONFALL (2008), EA's TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR ONLINE (2009) and subsequently ,Microsoft and Ubisoft becoming customers (2011) coupled with the purchase of Mecanim (Animation Studio) laid the road map for a more technology stable and versatile game engine supporting multi-platform game development.


Let`s examine some numbers and add some perspectives in the Unity Game Development industry. According to studies, polls and analytics, UNITY Game Engine:

  • has 45 % of Global Game Engine market share.
  • is preferred by 47% Unity Game developers as primary development tool.
  • has 4.5 Million registered developers (2012-2015).
  • is Top Grossing 3D Mobile Game engine in all territories.
  • boosts off 600 Million gamers worldwide.

The above numbers clearly propels UNITY among the TOP Game Engines (Voted best Game Engine of 2014), if not the leader, in gaming industry supporting the 7 realms of game development platforms.

As all coins have two sides, UNITY game Engine, a well crafted, comprehensive game development tool, also has its own short-comings among its numerous positives. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed below generalized among fellow Unity Game developers but definitely not limited to:


  • Insanely fast unity game development speeds. It follows agile game creation and facilitates quick prototyping and continuous releases.
  • Easy and quick import process of resource subsystem leading to an optimized unified Assets pipeline and supports most image, audio, video and text formats band 3D packages.
  • Excellent Integrated Level editor with supporting JavaScript and C# for scripting.
  • Superior support for de-bugging and tweaking as all the game variable are displayed during gameplay which enables systematic tweaking and de-bugging processes at runtime.
  • Vast Unity 3D games communities and marketplaces which offer wide built components for sound, physics, rendering, controls etc. The Assets store is very much reminiscent of any Phone App stores.
  • Multi-threading, collections, I/O and expressive LINQ library functions using Mono as script host.
  • Multi-platform unity game development and deployment platforms for Consoles, Desktops, Browsers and Mobiles.
  • Excellent and easy 3D surround/panning implementation and Audio engine.


  • Hogs more memory, this may cause OOM errors in mobile devices and debugging issues.
  • As no source codes are provided, performance issues are hard to find, address and fix.
  • Expensive if you need to use its entire features (render textures, stencil buffer support etc).
  • Developing a large AAA game title needs a lot of optimizations.
  • Additional costs to purchase Mobile Pro licenses for effective deployment.
  • Outdated version of mono restricting your game to certain size and constant struggle with the GC.
  • Easy to get un-organized with your hierarchy structure or directory and has too many folders, assets etc even with nested items.
  • More is desired from the terrain system and better of using other programs for creating and texturing terrain.
  • NO support for HTML5 WebGL for now.
  • Switching build targets requires re-importing everything and time taking when working on a multi-platform game.

An overall assessment of UNITY among Unity Game Developers and Game Engine are indeed rated very high and most of us have developed numerous work-around the shortcomings and believe with newer improved versions releases, an excellent Game Assets Stores, relatively low-cost of unity game development options and competition from UnReal , CRY will certainly push UNITY to further explore new horizons in game app development realm.

As Helgason said, - Big companies could always make games, they would figure it out and buy technology or build it themselves, where we really made a dent is making it so that these masses of people cannot just build games but can build games using the same tools as the big guys.

So if you want unity 3d games for a multi-platform deployment, cost-effective approach, take on the BIG GUY's or simply for FUN, leverage upon the power of UNITY 3d Games ENGINE, our experience, expert skill-set and technical knowledge when you hire Unity 3D Developers who will help you in your endeavor for all things in Gaming.

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