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Native Windows Phone Game Development Services

Native Windows Phones Games

2D, 3D universal windows games

Windows mobile game development at Logic Simplified

What we do ?

Asset Design

Asset Design

We use our creative art team to give shape to your game visualization and create complex to simple characters, NPC, levels, background, in-game assets with perfectly optimized arts/assets ready for in-game implementation. We specialize in scaling every asset suitable to device resolution, screen-size and gameplay orientation.
Windows Game Development

Windows Game Development

We are a windows mobile game development company with a rich experience in developing games using the C++. C# XNA SDK and Direct X. We have in-depth processes using Shader.2.0 to test for hardware support for Direct X 10 and above.
Universal Windows Platform

Universal Windows Platform

Our Windows Phone Game App Developers hold expertise in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which helps make a game compatible across all Windows based devices. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of DirectX 12 helps enhance the User Experience, and efficiently boost the performance of a console like API with enhanced graphics, richer scenes and utilize modern graphics hardware.
Windows Store Deployment

Windows Store Deployment

We assist in publishing your windows game through windows store. Help create your store account, selling details, rating certificates, cryptography and run the WACK (Windows App Certification Kit) test with your game package and final certification for game publishing.
Monetization Strategies

Monetization Strategies

We can recommend suitable monetization strategies from Free and Ad Supported games, Freemium approach offering consumables, durables through Paid route with DLC, subscription and bundles available for in-game purchases.

Why Us?

Powerful XNA Framework

We have expertise working with XNA 4.0 SDK framework which enables our developers to add complex features, powerful shader language (HLSL), physics engine, model loader, 3D collision detection, particle system and network API among other features. Our Windows phone game app developers also leverage on tools like blender where we can seamlessly export key frame and bone animations for most models and scenes thus quicken the entire game development life cycle.

We have a specialized team experience in HLSL where we can directly access the graphics card and speed up the game if required and also make development process simple & fun which lets our team primarily focus on end gamer's experience.

Sure Shot Success

Our experience of various social and monetization features right from the conceptualization phase prepare your game for optimized revenue generation stream and gamer acquisition, social and viral networking, analytics and set up right through the launch of your game.

How we do ?

We have strong team of windows phone game app developers coupled with creative art and design team to help you through from ideation, pre-production, development, testing and deployment of the game all under one roof. Some of the tools we leverage and proficient in:

Tools, Languages and Frameworks our developers use :

  • XNA 4.0 SDK- C# based XNA development
  • Shader 2.0
  • Blender
  • HLSL

Engagement Model

On Time And Material

Hire Our Windows phone game app developers through interview and work closely with them. You manage them and we bill you for hours worked.

Turn Key Basis

After you discuss your idea with us we give a fixed cost and delivery plan. We architect, manage and deliver the project. We have daily/weekly status calls. You approve designs and releases.

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3 months - The average time to launch an MVP with Logic Simplified.