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Top Virality Features To Design In Video Games

To simply put virality in video games, a great way to quickly acquire new users by letting existing users spread the word of mouth and significantly bring down user acquisition costs. But don’t mistake virality for a single feature of forcing users to tap or click on a random sharing button. For result-driven virality features,…
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Reasons to hire game developers from Startups

The gaming industry so far was changing and mushrooming, all for good. And, while at it, it experienced a pause just like the rest of the world. We got hit by a pandemic - COVID-19, and while it hindered the game production, it accelerated the game sale. As Leo Tolstoy said, “Boredom is the desire…
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Social Game Marketing: Discover the Right Path

Social gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to become a whopping $25.4b market by 2025. The rise of social games strongly depicts a shift in players’ behaviour as they now increasingly prefer to play games that utilize social features and encourage social interaction with other players over traditional games being…
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Blockchain and IoT – Technologies empowering one another

Oracle says, “IoT is like the human nervous system, it senses — with billions of connected devices around the world and Blockchain is like the memory, it remembers — creating a secure, indelible record of transactions and data exchanges”. And just as we move towards the future, we see IoT and Blockchain, individually changing the…
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