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Multiplayer Board Games Development

board game development

What we do ?

From Ancient societies and cultures to modern times, board games have always enjoyed a traditional audience and a strong online gaming community in recent times. The ease of playing traditional or modern variants of board games or word games has propelled them into a new genre. Being one of the most experienced board game design and development companies in India, we know every move of every game in this genre. Typically, we have specific moves or counters played within a set of game rules and with pure strategy or luck, victory is achieved through elimination, winning position, counters or accrual of points. Games can support Multiplayer or single player pitting one's wits against the AI or opponents.

Why We do IT ?

Our experience in developing specific logic based on pre-set game rules, subtle variations and tweaks to traditional games and in-depth gameplay understanding enables us to develop both new and old board games. Our game designer and artist can create unique or traditional game assets, themes in both 2D & 3D with easy, simple and intuitive control and user interface system. Our expertise in AI development and strong networking server/protocol will ensure large concurrent players for multiplayer and single player game.

We are experts developing “Randomization” techniques to ensure unique and arbitrary starting position every time for any game level and difficultly setting. Our flexible design process enables designing various game layouts and assets easily for same game level settings.

Here are some of the typical features that our board game developers can build for you:

  • Clear instructions on board or word games
  • Creating various game layouts for same game level and difficulty.
  • Randomization of Game positions
  • Strategy, Luck or Diplomacy attributes
  • Integrated strategy tips, history, and help
  • Hints and solutions
  • Scoreboards and notepads
  • Adjustable skill levels
  • Sounds and music
  • Strong AI opponent
  • Markers, counters, tokens
  • Single player/ multiplayer games
  • 2D/3D graphics

How We Do IT ?

The most important aspect of any board game is translating the traditional game rules into a playable game logic where the game logically determines results, multiple moves, victory conditions etc along with a Strong AI component. Board and word games also need various “randomization” techniques to render unique start positions for every level, which we have mastered over the years.

We have expertise developing numerous traditional and new board games across platforms and leverage upon available game engines, multiplayer game supporting servers or use of tools and frameworks:

  • Unity3D engine
  • UnReal Engine
  • Flash & ActionScript 3
  • Cocos2D, Cocos3D with Box2D and Chipmunk
  • Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X Engines with the use of Javascript & Java
  • X-Code/Swift
  • Objective-C,C++
  • LibGDX- Cross platform game development engine to build 2D/ 3D games
  • OpenGL ES 3.0/3.1

Engagement Model

On Time And Material

Hire Board Game Developers through interviews and work closely with them. You manage them and we bill you for hours worked.

Turn Key Basis

After you discuss your idea with us we give a fixed cost and delivery plan. We architect, manage and deliver the project. We have daily/weekly status calls.You approve designs and releases.

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