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AI Game Development

AI development for real time strategy games

What are Strategy Games

Games in this genre are complex, rely on underlying gameplay systems and mechanics. It typically test player's decision-making skills through a series of action and achieve victory through skillful strategic, tactical planning and situational awareness. A well-crafted storyline, multiple gameplay style and different paths to victory makes Strategy games fun and endearing to all.
Strategy games are further categorized as Real-Time strategy (RTS) or Turn-Based strategy (TBS) and have strong Artificial Intelligence to emulate actions or strategic thinking and challenge players with in-game combat, exploration and economy management skills.

Why Hire Our AI App Developers?

Our experience in developing multiple gameplay systems with varying degree of warfare, storyline evoking conflict, exploration, resources management with well-crafted open-world environment or linear storyline settings will ensure right visual representation and choosing the right skillset for the game.

Our AI game developers have experience in developing comprehensive strategic thinking skills routine over motor skills, ability to create complex and varying game difficulties levels coupled with theme based unique game skills.

Our high expertise in Artificial Intelligence programming, customized expert bots for single players along with strong Object Oriented design skills, 3D Math coupled with knowledge of Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy State Logic ensures suitable AI routines that control intelligence and movement of characters and other world objects.

Some general features :

  • High engaging game mechanics
  • Strong Storyline or Narrative
  • Core Conflict system
  • Excellent Artificial Intelligence
  • Customized and Expert bot creation
  • Complex and Varying Game Difficulty setting
  • Winning Logic
  • High-end Network Server tools
  • Multiple Gameplay style
  • Multiple paths to Victory
  • Detailed or Minimalistic Open World Exploration
  • Engaging User Interface
  • Intuitive Hints & Tips system
  • RTS or TBS setting
  • Autonomous Decision-Making tree
  • Economy, resources management
  • NPC and other world objects

How We Do It ?

High-detailed immersive art style is good but should effectively convey right information along with intuitive tutorials and user-interface, hence understanding the right balance of the game is paramount. Most strategy games have no correct single solution but offer multiple tools and approaches and use strategy or tactical decision making skills to overcome the game challenges. We use high-end Network server tools for both local and server side game data exchange and expert in custom game bot development.

Over the years, we have developed various independent strategic & tactical decisions making tree and intelligent AI, intricately woven into the immersive narrative and core game conflict system.

We have expertise in wide range of technology and game engine using which can develop any Strategy 2D/3D game for most platforms:

  • Unity3D engine
  • Flash & ActionScript 3
  • OpenSpace-engine
  • Cocos2D, Cocos3D with Box2D and Chipmunk
  • Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X Engines with the use of Javascript & Java
  • X-Code/Swift
  • Objective-C,C++
  • LibGDX- Cross platform game development engine to build 2D/ 3D games
  • OpenGL ES 3.0/3.1
Tool & Technologies we use

Engagement Model

On Time And Material

Hire AI app developers for game through interviews and work closely with them. You manage them and we bill you for hours worked.

Turn Key Basis

After you discuss your idea with us we give a fixed cost and delivery plan. We architect, manage and deliver the project. We have daily/weekly status calls.You approve designs and releases.

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