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  • Game App developers-Profile image of Co-orperate life

    CLIENT: CORPORATE LIFE (Console & Desktop)

    A 3D simulation game (CPD certified) designed around mini projects to improve & increase learners’ hard & soft skills in corporate settings. Players, via 3D Avatars, can interact with each other using Audio & Chat.

  • Game App developers-Profile image of Gamentio

    CLIENT: GAMENTIO (Web, Android & iOS)

    The ultimate casino experience in 3D in a cross-platform, free-to-play app. Featuring Texas Hold'em Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Teen Patti along with Slots and Solitaire, this next level social casino App is a hit with both beginners and pros.

  • Game App developers India-Profile image of Fire Cracker Fight


    client's first ever mobile game to bring youthful fun to digital platform. The thrill of throwing lit firecrackers with your bare hands is brought to life in this Physics based simulation game with 20+ levels of fighting off waves of radicalized toy trucks and tanks.

  • Game App developers India-Profile image of Collectible Card Game-Mythanex

    CLIENT: MYTHANEX (iOS, Android)

    A multiplayer, strategic, fantasy Collectible Card Game with each card painstakingly developed and balanced via an internal algorithm to ensure players will be tested using their wit, skill & deck-building aptitude rather than relying on luck.

  • Game App developers India-Profile image of action & adventure endless runner game-DON'T STOP

    CLIENT: DON'T STOP (iOS, Android)

    Playing games since “Nintendo 64” days, client chose us to realize his dream of building one himself. The result is Don’t Stop, an action-adventure endless-runner offering multiple themes & co-op mode to battle your opponents assuming the role of runner or blockers.

Game designers & game app development services Game designers & game app development services

Hire the Best Tech Talent from Our Company with 80+ Game App Developers

TurnKey Game Development

For Console, Desktop, Web, iOS and Android.
Fixed Price from Design to Game Development & Support.


For Javascript, iOS, Android, C++
Build an offshore game development team, hire on an hourly basis.

Independent Design Services

UI Designer, UX experts, Character Design, 3D Artist, Model Rigging, Environment Artist, FBX

ML/AI & Bots

For iOS, Android
Revolutionize mobile game development by introducing AI BOTS into your game

IOT Games

Fuel technological innovation by developing new hardware for your games with us.

Game Upgradation Services

Dazzle your existing game with features like New Levels, Avatars, Sound FX etc

Game Marketing Services

Complete game marketing team; Content, SEO, ASO & Ads

Game Deployment services (CI/CD)

Scale your Game backend and deploy on Cloud Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker)

Game Testing Services

For Desktop, iOS, Android
Hire our team of Manual, Automation, Load & Security testers

Our Work


iOS Games


Android Games


Console Games


Cross-Platform Desktop Games


Years in the Gaming Industry


CGI Artists/ Developers
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Architected & Developed

Game portal with 1 Million hits a day

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WebGL Game Development

Why choose us for game app developement! Why choose our game app developers!

Why Us

Game App Developement Company: Our Expertise
  • AI & Machine Learning (Reinforcement & GAN)
  • Game monetization plans
  • Game viral factors
  • User adrenaline rush for higher engagement
  • Game marketing
  • Support 24x7
  • 100% Code Guarantee
Game App Developement Company: Our Engangement Model
  • Outsource Game Dev at Fixed Price (Turnkey Basis)
  • We sign NDA, Non-Compete and protect client's intellectual property
  • Agile development @Fixed Price
  • Clients (Product Owners) attend daily standup
  • Source Control/Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Access to the whole team during development
  • Manual Testing, Load testing and Security testing
  • Hire Developers/Designers/Animators on an hourly basis too
Game App Developers: Our Focus Area
We spend a substantial amount of time and effort with due diligence in order to find the best & cost-effective solution to your game.
Code Library
Our own code repository for most complex game logic helps us reduce overall cost and time
Engagement Model
We work on both Fixed time/Fixed Price and Time & Material models. Complete transparency in billing through
Zero Risk
Our due diligence and Proof of Concept approach with every unique idea eliminate any post-engagement risks for you.
Game App Developers: Our Design Philosophy
Marketing Ready
Our Business Analysts proactively account for important components required for marketing. All components to push game virality are incorporated
From day one, our Architects design code to be scalable and cloud-ready. The code and DB are highly optimized for multiplayer and turn-based games.
Device Independent
The assets we design work out of the box on all devices and we write the back-end such that all platforms use the same APIs.
Textures and Sprites
Our key understanding of the memory map of a device helps us arrange your assets in a format such that they work on minimum memory footprint.
Game App Developers: Our Team Game App Developers: Our Team Strengths

Our Design Team

Game App Designers: Our Team Game App Designers: Innovative Design Team
Innovative Design Team

Game Asset Designers and Game Concept Mock Designs for SD, HD platforms. Dazzling Sketch Artists to conceptualize characters. 3D Modelers to create high quality, low poly 3D assets for all platforms. Environment Artists to give a realistic 3D view.Graphic Designers to create platform-independent 2D game assets and textures.

Game App Designers: 3D modelers Game App Designers: Our Sketch Artist
Concept Art

Our mobile game development team’s artists live by pencils, papers and brushes. They strive to give the game exact look and feel as perceived by the Game producer. Hire them for sketching your idea of a:
Game scene

Game Designers: Animators Skills Game Designers: VFX artists
Concept Art to CGI

Game Production and development need Artists, Animators, Modelers, Visual Effects Specialists etc. to develop an exact game as apprehended by the game producer/writer. We have with us:
Technical Artists
Environment Modelers
VFX artists
Character Modelers
Texture Artists
Game App Developers

Game Designers: Character Designers Game Designers: Texture artists
Texture Artists

It takes as much skill & creativity to create textures as to create fictional characters and their world. Using tools such as Substance Painter, Zbrush and 3D Coat, our artists are able to achieve realism by creating different maps suitable for physically based rendering (PBR).Hire our Texture Artists to bring out the exuberance in animations by adding the required depth & detailing intrinsic to a high quality texturing.

Game Designers: Creative Designs Game Designers: Particle effects

LS is one of the most talented games design companies in India with a group of creative sets of minds designing the animations with extreme precision while adding a colourful set of characteristics to them.
From rigging the models, adding tweens, creating particle effects, to working with fluid mechanics, our mobile game development team works until the game matches the desired realism.
Proficient in traditional hand-drawn animations, stylized animations, 2D/3D animations etc.

Design Tools
Game Development Company : outsourcing central VR game app developers

Our Development Team

Outsource Casual Games to MMORPG

  • Skills in various front-end and back-end technologies coupled with streamlined development methodologies that help create casual games & bring them to market within 3 months.
  • Our experience in networking technologies paired with excellent skills in SQL, NoSQL & Cache DB helps scale the backend in a jiffy.
  • Our work with third-party tools like Firebase, Google Play Services, Facebook, Photon Network help us reduce initial deployment and development costs.
  • Multi-platform expertise to deliver high performance.
  • Expertise in building immersive games with Unreal Engine.
  • Seasoned programmers of Unity 3D and Unity Plugins.
  • Adept in Rendering Technologies (OpenGL ES, WebGL, Stage 3D).
  • Dev in Native 2D/3D Libraries (Away3D, Starling, Cocos2D-x, LibGDX).
  • Expertise in native Physics Engine like Box2D, ChipMunk, Bullet.
  • Experts in transcoded physics libraries for iOS, Android & Action Script 3.
  • Proficient in JavaScript 3D libraries like JigLibJS, Ammo.js.
  • Engage your users with MMORPG games.
  • Expertise in building P2P games.
  • Multi-player servers (SmartFox, ElectroServer, Red5).
  • Realtime communication audio, video & text chat capabilities. (XMPP, FMS, WebRTC).
  • Multi-User Virtual worlds and MMO communities with Isometric engines (OpenSpace-Engine).

Hire VR Games App Developers & Designers

Mobile 3D VR Game App Developers
Experts using various Libraries for optimized immersive experience mobile and console VR game
Console VR Game App Developers
Specialization in various top-end VR headset Controller gaming experience

Hire Augmented Reality Games App Developers

We have a team of experienced AR Developers well supported by our Design and Creative wing. We can create all sorts of AR for example:

  • iBeacon Technology AR
  • Barcode / QR Code based AR
  • Marker Baked AR
  • Markerless SLAM AR
  • Cloud Markers
  • Face Tracking
  • Motion Tracking
  • Kinect Development
  • Geo-location based AR

Simulations, AI, Game BOTS, Open AI

Our dev team has a strong mathematical acumen which gives a game an edge. Our teams are capable of developing learning environments which are rich in physical complexity, provide compelling cognitive challenges, and support dynamic multi-agent interaction. We have expertise in tools like:

  • OpenCV
  • TensorFlow, PyTorch, Sci-kit learn, Keras
  • ML.js
  • Unity ML-Agents Toolkit

Hire Rendering Experts

Our game app developers hold expertise in various shader languages. Shaders help us to create amazing effects and render complicated structures at fast speeds.

OpenGL shading language

Cg programming language

DirectX High-Level Shader Language

Game Genres: Ready Code

We have a library of our own code ready to develop the below types of games. We can achieve the fastest time to market with the lowest cost for such games.

Development Platforms & Tools
Unreal Engine
Google App Engine