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Game Art Company

Logic Simplified, as a Game Art Studio, promises to shape your game visions to visuals, concepts to game narratives, characters to protagonists, scripts to storyboards, and backdrops to game environments to even the tiniest of pixelated spots. With our deep understanding of game mechanics, cognitive psychology, player behaviors and vast experience in the gaming industry, we like to game-storm with you to deliver GDD, conceptual art, 2D & 3D game art and AAA game art services with high fidelity and optimized graphics. Hire a 3D/ 2D game artist for outsourcing any game art requirement of your business.

Concept Artists

Specialized groundwork sketching for your game is done with extreme precision and efficient tools to bring out the core game-flow, character visuals, accessories, UI & UX and gamification mechanics, all aligned specifically to the narrative and storyboard of the game.

Game art outsourcing: Logic Simplified
Game art studio - Logic Simplified

Character Modelers

Our 3D & 2D game artists are responsible for modeling high quality character models in low and medium polygon counts as well as create static and animated models. We have very strong drawing and painting skills and expertise in Box and Extrusion Modelling techniques.

Character modelers- 3D/ 2D game art outsourcing

Environment Modelers

Our Environment Modelers build the 2D and 3D world and its components, especially the organic and inorganic environment. We make sure the player feels “WOW” after looking at the game. We are also adept in light and shadow techniques.

Hire environment modelers from our game art studio
Environment modelers for game art outsourcing  - Logic Simplified

VFX Artists

Our VFX artists are the ones who make natural effects like smoke, water, foliage, dust as well as fantastic effects like explosions which makes the game appear realistic. We are proficient in Photoshop and After Effects.

Hire VFX artists for game art outsourcing

Our Animators

Our game artists are expert in classical hand-drawn animations and this helps us to create efficient skeletal animations for generating a refined layout and shape personality of our 2D & 3D characters. We work on the kinematics of the rigged models and keyframing is used for creating animations. We are also deft in mocap based animations and have in-depth knowledge of different game engines like Unity3D, Unreal or Cocos2d (x) which helps in exporting game-ready characters.

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