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The Battle for Glory: Fifth Edition of EPL Corporate Cricket Tournament

At Logic Simplified, we truly believe in “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. This is relevant in today’s world, where hectic work schedules and monotonous lifestyles take a toll on physical activities and overall health. Adding a pinch of excitement to the stressful corporate lives, the committee members of Evon Technologies, Dehradun, organized the fifth edition of the Evon Premier League (EPL), an inter-office cricket tournament for employees at OFD Stadium Raipur. The tournament brings employees together on the cricket field to battle against one another in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

Different Evon Technologies and Logic Simplified (LS) teams participated in EPL. Each team was made up of employees from various departments with a mix of experienced players and newbies, making a highly competitive and exciting tournament. They went head-to-head in a battle to win the coveted tournament trophy.

The tournament started on November 12, 2022, and lasted for a month. It was held over the course of a weekend. A round-robin format was followed, where all five teams played one match against all other teams in the league stages to reach the top four on the points table. Thus, each team ultimately played four games during the league round. Mobile and LS Dragons secured the top two positions by winning three matches each, while PHP Royal Challengers and Tech Warriors took third and fourth positions. Evon Jaguars were unable to advance to the playoffs.

The top four teams progressed to the playoffs, playing in three rounds:  Semifinal 1, one eliminator, and Semifinal 2. The top two position teams in the tournament had a special advantage as they got two chances to qualify for the final.

Evon Premier League (EPL) 2022

  • Semifinal 1: This round was played between the teams ranked first and second to earn a spot in the final match. The winner (LS Dragons) qualified directly for the final. However, the losing team of the first qualifier (Mobile) got another chance to advance to semifinal 2.

  • Eliminator: The eliminator round was played between the third and the fourth-ranked teams. The winner (PHP Royal Challengers) advanced to semifinal 2, and the loser (Tech Warriors) was eliminated from the tournament. 

  • Semifinal 2: The loser of Semi 1 (Mobile) and the winner (PHP Royal Challengers) of the Eliminator played against each other. The loser (PHP Royal Challengers) got eliminated from the tournament, and the winner (Mobile) advanced to the final, where it played the winner (LS Dragon) of Semifinal 1. 

“There are a lot of engineers in the IT industry. Many would have played cricket in school or college but would likely stop playing once they get jobs. Playing cricket with corporate teams offers players the opportunity to reconnect with the game,” says Gaurav Rawat, Lead 3D Artist and Visualiser. 

Final Showdown

Evon Premier League (EPL) 2022 Final Showdown

The final face-off was between LS Dragons and Mobile, which was watched by a large crowd of employees. The match began with a thrilling toss, and the Mobile team won the toss and decided to bat first. They started off strong, with their opening batsman scoring runs quickly and putting pressure on LS Dragon bowlers. But as the innings progressed, the LS Dragon bowlers made a comeback and started taking wickets at regular intervals. The Mobile team tried hard, but could only score 155 runs in 20 overs at the loss of 7 wickets. 

The LS Dragons team took to the field to chase down the target set by the opposite team. The opener Amit Jaguri made 13 runs off 9 balls, whereas Shubham Bhist struggled with his on-field performance as he returned to the pavilion without hitting a single. The team had a rocky start, losing early wickets, and the pressure of the run chase began to take its toll as the innings progressed. Several batsmen were run out in rapid succession, and the team found themselves in jeopardy of losing the match. However, just when it looked like all hopes were lost, Abhishek Raturi, LS Dragon captain, despite his leg injury, managed to score 38 runs off 23 balls, hitting eight fours.

Many thought this injury could cost them the match, but he made some crucial runs that helped his team come back. Kailash, LS Dragon’s middle-order batsman, stepped up and made 55 runs off 35 balls with four fours and two sixes. Gaurav Rawat and Kailash kept their cool under pressure and played some incredible shots, bringing their teams closer to victory. Eventually, they reached the target set by the Mobile team, sparking a huge celebration among the team of LS Dragons.   

The match ended with jubilation and excitement as LS Dragon emerged victorious after five long years by a narrow margin. The winning team was presented with a trophy, and individual awards were given to the players who had performed exceptionally well throughout the match. The team consistently performed at a high level, displaying a deep desire to win. Through their dedication and commitment, they have finally achieved their goal of winning the tournament.  

Upon winning the match, Gaurav Rawat said, “ Victory is sweet, but it's even sweeter when it comes after defeat. We persevered and never gave up. This win is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and it's a proud moment for all of us. This tournament win is nothing but a new beginning for our team.”

Evon Premier League 2022 Main Event Final Results

  • Winner: LS Dragons

  • 1st Finalist: Mobile

  • 2nd Finalist: PHP Royal Challengers

  • Tech Warriors

  • Evon jaguars

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