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Game Marketing & Testing Services

game testing services


With thousands of games being developed and launched in the market these days, it is very important to ensure that your game is of top notch quality and offers great user experience so that it stands out amongst the flock of games of the same genre. The global gaming industry is constantly evolving with diverse platforms and a new range of technologies making it extremely important for your product to be designed and tested on all the emerging platforms. Logic Simplified caters to the gaming industry by providing quality testing services for games of all the genres on every existing platform. Our team of game testing professionals are experienced professional gamers and have intense expertise in Game Logic Testing.

We provide testing services of the following types :

  • Functional Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Load Testing
  • MMOG Testing


Developing the game is just not enough to generate the revenue for your business, you need to quirk things up. Monetization is one such technique to shoot your ROI to skyrocketing levels. Whether you seek F2P monetization, advertising, offer walls or in-game purchases in freemium games, Logic Simplified has got you covered.

Here is what we have for you

  • Native ads
  • Interstitials
  • App walls
  • Video ads
  • Game monetization reviews
  • Monetization metrics- engagement, retention, revenue


Marketing is an art, not many people possess the right skills but we at Logic Simplified understand your concerns and have the expertise to address them. The marketing of any game is a very crucial process as it heavily impacts on the future of the game. Our Marketing professionals create a unique identity of your product along with a successful marketing plan for it. Through intensive market research procedures we make sure that a huge amount of genuine traffic is generated towards your game, be it on the website or the app on respective play stores. Our marketing strategy works in two phases i.e. Production phase marketing and Post-production phase marketing.

Production phase marketing

  • Previews
  • Trailers
  • Microsite

Post- Production Marketing

  • Promotions- Press release, Blogging, Social Media Platforms, YouTube
  • Interviews, Media Coverage, Game Reviews
  • Analytics- install evaluations
  • Ad Platforms- Cross promotion

Contact us about anything related to our company or services.