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Game Animation Company

designing animations for games

Our animators are a group of creative set of minds designing animations for the game with extreme precision while adding colorful set of characteristics to them. From rigging models, adding tweens, creating particle effects, to working with fluid mechanics, our animators keep working till our game matches the desired realism. They are proficient in traditional hand-drawn animations, stylized animations, 2D/3D animations and more. Building an optimum quality game and sticking to the requirement of the client is what we attempt to do best in order to deliver a satisfactory product as a whole.

Our animators have an expertise in incorporating rigging (adding skeletons and joints) to the model, shape tweens, keyframing and mocap animations. They bring 2D/3D characters to life with their competence in design tools like Flash, Spine 2D for 2D animations whereas Maya, 3ds Max and MotionBuilder for 3D animations. We develop optimized animations for platforms across all game engines like Unity3D, Unreal, Cocos2d(x) and others.

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3 months - The average time to launch an MVP with Logic Simplified.