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Art Creation For Game Development

Game production and art creation

Game production and development need Artists, Animators, Modelers, Visual Effects Specialists etc. to develop an exact game as apprehended by the game producer/writer. They work in close collaboration with the development team to provide them art assets whenever needed. We at Logic Simplified are a team of skilled artists and other people who have expertise in various roles required for game development.

our technical artists

Our Technical Artists

They act as a coupling between our artists and engineers. They hold artistic as well as technical competence and are the problem solvers of our team. It is under their supervision that visual assets are integrated to the dedicated game engine without sacrificing the visual quality and artistic vision. They develop workflows to compensate for architecture and gameplay limitations while implementing them on different platforms. Our Technical artists have knowledge of art packages ranging from modelling to texturing, special effects and console hardware architecture. They are responsible for deciding art packages and the tools to be used. They are proficient in lighting,rendering, texturing and graphics programming such as shaders using HLSL and GLSL.
our environment artists

Our Environment Artists

Environment Artists are the one who bring 2D and 3D background elements to life in the game. They furnish props, objects, scene objects and the environment of the game world. They work with animators to focus on gameplay considerations like mission related assets, their interaction, design of creatures, vehicles and other non-player characters. They give high priority to in-game rendering and poly count (high or low depending on the distance with the camera) so that assets are easily implemented on every platform. They develop excellent 3D models with texture and colour through their vast expertise in 3D modelling packages like Maya, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush and many more.
our vfx artists

Our VFX Artists

Our VFX artists are the ones who make natural effects like smoke, water, foliage, dust as well as explosions with extreme precision which makes your game appear more real. They have proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. They also work with high-end CG effects systems utilizing particle systems like Maya and 3ds Max. They use Particle Designer for incorporating these effects on iOS.
our texture artists

Our Texture Artists

Texture artists of our team possess advanced level texturing skills and knowledge of next-gen techniques. They create photo-realistic as well as highly stylized texture with focus on high detailing. They create textures for environments, characters, props, vehicles and objects. Their main focus is to create complex textures with minimal necessary colors and resolution. They have expertise in both vector and raster image creation tools like 3D Coat, Photoshop, ZBrush etc. They are also proficient in traditional sculpting skills and UV Layout.
our character modeler

Our Character Modeler

Character modelers are responsible for creating 3D representations of the concept art in low as well as medium poly counts as per the requirements. They create static and animated models. They are proficient in Box modelling as well as Polygonal modelling. They use Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush and Blender to build the basic shapes of the characters i.e. adding skeleton, bones and joints and finally move on detailing the skin textures, clothing and other elements. They work in close collaboration with our animators to ensure proper character skeleton and rigging. Also, they export models in MD2, Collada, MD5, Ogre formats so that they can be consumed by games on various platforms.
our level designers

Our Level Designers

Level designers deal with the construction of in-game levels, missions and scripted events by segregating the chapters of the storyline leading to progression of the game towards the end. They determine the objects, characters, obstacles and the environments faced by the protagonist at every level. They work according to the game design document to develop visual representations of the creative ideas. It starts with the basic sketching and ends with the development of 3D wireframes. Based on these wireframes, the level artists port in their work along with other artists and programmers who contribute audio effects, props and additional characters.
our graphic designers

Our Graphic Designers

Our skilled Graphic Designers are responsible for designing art assets and graphic page layouts for games, app logo or website in accordance with the game design document provided by the client. They play a major role in designing a user friendly UI which gives the game its rich look and feel. Our Graphic Designers are proficient in traditional art and most of them have an animation background so they also contribute towards designing of art assets while working in collaboration with our concept and environment artists. They have an expertise in design software like Adobe Creative Suite which includes Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. They are also responsible for creating original art for marketing, advertising and promotions.
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