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Online social casino games are very popular worldwide since fans have the option to enjoy playing their favorite card games even with players sitting miles away from them. There are many features of online social casino gaming sites that give players joy of playing card games. However, leaderboards and achievements have been neglected by a lot of social casino websites for long. The reason is the belief that a new player would soon realize that it’s almost impossible to grab a place in top positions of the leaderboard and will feel demotivated. However, there are interesting ways to use leaderboards and achievements to increase player engagement in social casino games. Let’s first talk about benefits of leaderboards and achievements in social casino games.


Advantages of a leaderboard and achievements in social casino games

  • Leaderboards and achievements play a big role in keeping the thrill and excitement alive among competent players. They play hard to ensure that their names appear high on the leaderboard. Also, they are the players who play on a regular basis on a social casino gaming site or an app, which is important in terms of monetizing your apps through in-app purchases.
  • Players like to invite their friends on social media sites to play, therefore, leaderboards can help them keep a track on performances of each other. Players like to beat their self-made scores, but they like beating scores of their friends more. Thus, leaderboards can bring them the real fun of giving challenges and striving hard to stay ahead in the rankings on leaderboards.
  • A leaderboard allows players to see net single wins in a day, week or month. Players can also see their rankings and know who are at the top of the leaderboard.
  • A player always feels proud when his/her high rank is visible to friends and loved ones through social media. Others also feel encouraged to join the clan after learning that a friend of theirs’ has managed to get a coveted rank in the leaderboard of a social casino game. Developers should deploy this social-media strategy to always keep players hungry for more wins.
  • DoubleDown Casino, Slotomania, Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker and Jackpot Party Casino are some of many examples of social casino games that use leaderboards to ensure player engagement.

Ways to use leaderboards and achievements in social casino games
  • Developers need to figure out how leaderboards do not hurt user engagement and also encourage good players to keep on playing for higher rankings. The answer to this question holds significant importance to make your social casino gaming site or app an exciting venture for worldwide fans of social casino games.
  • You can begin by creating in-circle leaderboards and main leaderboards for all players. An in-circle leaderboard can be created for a group of friends who usually play among themselves. As only a few players will list on an in-circle leaderboard, a new player in the group will always have the chance to have his/her name appear high on the in-circle leaderboard through wins. With in-circle leaderboards, developers need not fear that a new player will feel demotivated, especially when the competition is fierce for rankings on the main leaderboard.
  • As far as the main leaderboard is concerned, developers can offer rewards to new players for their achievements in order to encourage them to keep playing and improve their rankings on the main leaderboard.
  • Leaderboards and achievements become important especially during tournaments or other important events. Social casino games’ players love to take on challenges, which means players need something to  let them know about their ranking status. Ranking status increases player engagement by giving birth to an urge within players to make efforts to move up the leaderboard, which means spending more time on your site or app.  On the other hand, recognition of achievements through rewards, like a set amount of virtual chips, gives players feel-good factor and make then return to your social casino site or app.


This blog is an attempt to shed light on the importance of leaderboards and achievements in social casino games. I hope it has served the purpose it was intended for.

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  1. Well explained the importance of leader-boards and achievements in making social caisno games even more exciting and competitive.

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