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Time Management Games Development

Screenshot of a time management game developed by Logic Simplified

What are Time Management Games

Games in this genre can be broadly classified under Casual and Strategy games with primary focus on real time resources allocation and sequential completion and effective management of micro-tasks with limited time and resources. Here player's speed of tasks completion determines rewards from a dynamic rewards system which is linked with usage of resources for optimized level based rewards.
Time Management Games have emerged as a complete package of different sets of themed games. Players indulge in fun-activities like running a diner, treasure hunts, races, cooking and shopping while racing against the time to complete the tasks. Speed of action & reaction, mental alertness, multi-tasking and decision making are few skills which are tested apart from the addictive nature of playing these games. We can help you with the development of your dream Time management game project with our 10 years experience in the industry.

Why Us ?

We have expertise and deep understanding of game mechanics which work best for various management game themes well supported by our game designers and artist to create high-fidelity or minimalistic virtual environments and setting across platforms. We strive to create re-usable and minimum game assets.

We specialize in scheduling Push notification systems in the game to effectively communicate game progress and call to actions features. We also expertise in developing extensive backend both at local and server-side instances like using SmartFoxServer, Photon, Red5 etc., to enable accurate and fast game status data exchange for complete real-time and immersive gaming experience.

Our experience in devising in-game micro objectives, gamifications features, power-ups, resource managements, IAP and various engaging elements will shape a well-rounded and fun game.

Some elements for Time Management Games development:

  • Sensible and realistic goals
  • Time limits
  • Minimum and Reusable Game assets
  • Push Notification System
  • Fast and Real-time Game Status Data Exchange
  • Local and Server side Backend optimization
  • Real-Life Virtual Environments
  • Interactive Elements
  • Resources identification as per theme
  • Dynamic Reward System
  • Level based progression
  • In App Purchases
  • Competitive Leaderboard
  • Effective Social Network integration

How We Do IT ?

We have expertise in understanding and planning of various resource management tasks for optimized results, identification of interactive elements in realistic theme, environment and offering a fun and engaging skill and level based progression being the core challenges in these games. We have experience in setting up the right Open Source or Licensed back-end server for fast and effective data sync and notification setup.

We can help you with the Time Management Games Development and design across multiple platforms and using a range of game engines and technology stack. Some tools and framework we recommend:

  • Unity3D engine
  • Flash & ActionScript 3
  • Cocos2D, Cocos3D with Box2D and Chipmunk
  • Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X Engines with the use of Javascript & Java
  • X-Code/Swift
  • Objective-C,C++
  • LibGDX- Cross platform game development engine to build 2D/ 3D games
  • OpenGL ES 3.0/3.1
How We Do IT

Engagement Model

On Time And Material

Hire our team member(s) through an interview for your Time Management Games Development project. You manage them and we bill you for hours worked.

Turn Key Basis

After you discuss your idea with us we give a fixed cost and delivery plan. We architect, manage and deliver the project. We have daily/weekly status calls.You approve designs and releases.

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