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Creative Media Services

creative media services

Being a creative media company, we work passionately to find innovative, smarter, effective ideas to harness the power of creative media and leverage upon our in-depth gaming platform knowledge and experience to offer promotional videos, game trailers, gameplay tutorials, explainer videos and other game marketing media services available to our clients under one roof.

Hire creative media services from LS. Our creative visualizers work closely with you to understand your game, application and business goals to ensure your digital media content is exciting, entertaining and suitably reflects your vision. Our goal behind offering creative media services is to guide your gaming & digital endeavor to find the right creative expression for the right audience to create the right impact.

Logic Simplified excels in:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Game Trailers

Explainer Videos

If an image is worth thousand words, then a Video is worth a million. A well crafted, edited and a produced video to explain your latest game release or those new in-game features or introducing characters or challenges or even tips and tricks, all visually explained through a short, simple explainer video can help create that opportunity and experience to connect with new and existing gamers. Our expertise ranges from the crafting in-game explainer videos, traditional or comic style videos, perfect voice-over or background music to go along with the visual to create that perfect impact in explainer video.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are the most significant marketing and sales tools, of the modern digital era, designed to promote application including games, tutorials, which offers high content marketing. Promo videos are structured to be precise and direct. A well-produced video holds the attention of viewers leaving a long lasting impression and increase conversion rates by many folds.

Game Trailers

A Game Trailer is a short advertisement which gives viewers a brief hint about the game to be released in near future. The main motive is to entice the audience so that they come and play the game. Game trailers are very much effective in the digital world, as they help to bring more market to the product. Game Trailers help to entice the audience in the best possible way. Hire creative media services from our company, we have an expertise over developing catchy game trailers to attract the traditional niche of the players as well as the non-players too.

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