Flash Game Developers

Our developers have vast experience in developing Flash/Flex games. These games range from single user games to massive multiplayer online games. We handle all aspects of Flash/Flex game development. We design assets, help you create storyboards, architect and release your game title.

Our team uses state-of-the art tools to give you high-end game performance. The whole game development process is so evolved, that your end user would not face issues like game hang or slow load. Whether you want us to build games for Desktop, Web or Mobile (using air), the game performance would be a primary index in our mind. Our assets are used in games in form of sprite sheets. We also use advance engines, that are built using the new Adobe API (Stage3D) for graphics acceleration. Speed of rendering has been the highlight of our Flash/Flex game development division.

Publish your games for Web, Desktop & Mobile

We also have expertise in Stage3D. Stage3D API is a set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs, enabling advanced 2D and 3D capabilities. Stage3D now supports all platforms, which helps us create games for multiple platforms, with the same code. Stage3D rendering speed is amazing.

Flash game development libraries we use:

Flixel: An open source game library we use for most of our flash games. It is a very compact library and has all the core ingredients for game development. Using this library, we can add features quickly to your game.

  • Detect collision
  • Add smoke, fog and fire effects using particle physics
  • Record games
  • Path finding in map based games
  • Tile maps

Box2D: After Newton, Box2D re-discovered gravity in games. Box2D is the perfect physics engine for you. From collision to friction Box2D has it all.

As3 Iso Lib: A powerful library for creating isometric projections of your game (more like 3D look to a 2D game).

Multiplayer Games

Our expertise in SmartFoxServer and RTMP protocol helps us develop a multiplayer game. We have deep knowledge in OpenSpace as well. OpenSpace with SmartFoxServer helps us create multiplayer virtual worlds and MMOs. Read More…

Social Platform Integration

We help you leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to bring traffic to your games. We integrate features like friend invite, stream publishing and leader boards in your game.

Integration with ad networks and payment gateways

We have expertise in many social gaming platforms and payment platforms like Mochi Media, to help you earn money from your games.

To understand our engagement model for Flash/Flex game development contact us or email us at enquiry@logicsimplified.com for more details.

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