Gamification: Transforming your Work Place

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“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”

With increasing workloads, mundane routine, lines of codes, hour of calls, endless documentation or simply staring at the screen, we are increasingly loosing the essence of fun, passion, creativity or competitiveness within our Organization environment and hierarchy.

Here we share few spinners introducing Gamification into our Work-Schedule and Operational Processes and harness its power to transform our work places:

“Gamification without the proper motivation is just an empty system waiting to be abused”.

We, Humans, are driven by a Fundamental Principle: the desire to push ourselves to be better. This principle can further be put into practice and translate to effective engagements with simple tasks to bring back the fun and gamification elements into our routine work-life and reap its benefits.

Corporates have gained around 205% of improving KPI with Gamification techniques which has lead to an about 150% of increase in customer engagements.

The United States Army has deployed special Training Games to teach new recruit for comprehensive Military Processes. According to NPR reports, companies have designed various “Brain Games” to gauge traits, skills, abilities of candidates best suited for particular roles.  Cisco runs a successful social media training program while Deloitte works with Leadership Training Program. Furthermore, to simplify Operational Challenges, Walmart launched its Safety Training Tool with “Quiz Show” & “Simon Says” while Google came up with a Motivational Process of expense submission (they can keep the unused allowance) which, clearly demonstrating the role of Gamification used as “Talent Recruiting Tool” and “Team Engagement Process”

We, discuss few Gamification elements which done right can transform our every-day work-life.

a) Leaderboard, Points, Awards: We recommend implementing simple Badges, ribbons, freebies and set a low threshold for achievement to invite more rewarding participation aswell as keep offer depths for members to keep returning. The leaderboard stands to instill elements of inspiration and competitiveness a vital Gamification element.

b) Device a User-Generated Rating or simple Algorithms which highlight and reward member’s approved-contributions and create communities generated filters to help increase self-motivation and essence of member’s contribution.

c) Strategy: Create Gamification strategies like rewarding the behaviors which you want to see increase, use multiple incentive systems to encourage participation in community driven content, allowing you to reinforce your support and community strategies.

d) Have simple Knowledge Sharing and Self Improvement section. This will act as resource pool for members to gain knowledge and opportunity to further enhance skillset.

It is very important that Gamification is introduced at right avenues and correctly. For example; Education will be best framework and tool if one was looking to increase community engagement or Training Programs and Skill-based games to help gauge personalities and leaning new skill-sets. When we offer opportunity to learn, grow along with displaying competitive spirit, participation and contribution, we create a process which propels one to enjoy best of both Worlds.

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Case Study HP/Intel:

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