2D & 3D game developers

Our game development unit has programmers selected with extreme care. We make sure that they have capability to understand and implement optimized, well structured, scalable code packet. Our game development team ensures that we keep up to deadlines, schedules and understand importance of well documented code. Our team works with many game engines to implement various game play logic, AI and mechanics.

Technical skills not enough, we ensure

  • Use of SVN/GIT as code repository
  • Use of Ant/Maven as build tools
  • Use of Debugging/Profiling tools
  • Intellectual Property Right Protection of source code and game assets
  • Encryption, compression of game assets, obfuscation of client side scripts
  • Complete documentation of architecture
  • Agile development methodology to keep up with changing requirements
  • Use of bug tracing systems like Track, Mantis, JIRA

The game development process requires programmers with various skills. Our lead programmers are generally trained to be good in most of them but we make sure our developers are experts in atleast one of them.

Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Our Game development unit has AI programmers. These programmers have strong Object Oriented design skills. They have strong 3D Math, Trigonometry, Calculus and Linear Algebra. They have experience in Path finding, locomotion, collision detection, finite state machines. They have knowledge of Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy State Logic. Their key role in project is to simulate real world behavior and intelligence in computer enemies and opponents. They implement AI routines that control intelligence and movement of characters, vehicles and world objects. They are also responsible to write the core game logic like winner logic in card games. They also write test routines for QA.

Graphics Programmer

Our Graphics Programmers develop programs to handle complex 2D and 3D graphics. They are skilled in Graphics API, have knowledge of database and operating systems, experts in multi-threaded programming, strong understanding of software development practices and knowledge of HLSL, GLSL. They are responsible for writing core graphics and rendering engine, implement particle effects and optimize code to give minimal performance overheads.

Network Programmers

As the their name suggests they help us implement multi-player games. Our Network programmers have strong hold on basic networking protocols(TCP, UDP), concurrency, synchronization, multi-threaded code and network APIs like DirectPlay and Winsock. They also create, manage and administer our database. They are familiar with game service like PSN, Xbox live, Windows Live. They are responsible to implement your game server. They make sure that game states are replicated with client and server side and they also handle latency/synchronization issues. The key aspect is that they strive to keep the game secure, make sure all values are encrypted before transfer, write authentication and authorization routines. They understand the importance of robust, scalable back-end system and also tune them for performance and reliability.

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