Windows Phone & XBox game developers

We use XNA 4.0 SDK for our Windows Phone 7 and Xbox game development. Our developers focus on C# based XNA development. Our Windows game developers use Shader 2.0 and generally test games for hardware that support Direct X 10.0 and above. XNA 4.0 Framework is a blessing for our developers after they worked directly with Direct X SDK and Managed Direct X. XNA makes the complete game development procedure fun and lets us focus more on end user experience.

XNA gives our developers power to create and add most complex features to your games. It gives us powerful shader language(HLSL), physics engine, model loaders, 3D collision detection, shooting, particle system, networking API and access to Xbox live and MSN live API. So basically they have provided us with all the tools we need to create a powerful 2D/3D game for you.

HLSL – High level shading language

HLSL allows developers to write in a language that is similar to C which translates into assembly language on the graphics card itself. So if we need to access directly your graphics card and speed up the game then we need HLSL. We have separate team of developers who are experts in HLSL to give your Windows game an edge.

Models and Scenes

We use Blender for most of the models and scenes. XNA studio works well with key frame animation and bone animations exported from Blender.

Multiplayer Games and XNA

Xbox live and Windows live are the standards for network based games on Windows platform. According to Microsoft XNA Framework 2.0 EULA, one cannot distribute commercial network games that connect to Xbox Live and/or Games for Windows Live without specific agreement signed by both the developer and Microsoft. Although XNA allow to publish games that use low level networking protocols. Hence for start-ups we generally help them build games over Smartfox servers, RTMP and Jabber servers. Click here to read more about these servers.

To understand our engagement model for Windows Phone 7 and XBox Game Development or contact us or email us at for more details.

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