iPhone/iPad Game developers

iPhone/iPad games have added a new dimension to the gaming industry. Mobile games were popular earlier too but not as user friendly as the iPhone multi-touch screen made them. Apart from the great accelerometer, their OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation helps us render HD quality graphics and textures in our games.

Challenges in iPhone Game Development

The primary challenge in iPhone game development is the 24MB limit on the use of graphics in iPhone Classic and iPhone 3G. There are millions of users who use these phones. The first question we ask our clients is that do you want to cater to these users or leave them out. For some games we have no option but to leave them out or build “lite” versions of game. But for most other games our graphic designers use techniques like texture packing, tile mapping and image sprites. This reduces the memory foot print and our games never run out of memory. We use tools and techniques to keep all your users happy and give your game the maximum reach.

OpenGL ES 2.0 – Our Expertise

The Open Graphics Library ES 2.0 on iPhone provides a great set of API to match your UI expectations but it comes with a price. Price in terms of hard-work and knowledge to use it effectively for your games. Using OpenGL we are able to provide you the most complex 2D and 3D graphic effects for your games. OpenGL helps us handle everything a 3D game requires, things like shaders, camera, lights and rigged models.


Cocos2D is a lightweight open source library for game development on iPhone. It is a wrapper around OpenGL ES to provide efficient and quick way to use OpenGL API in your game. Cocos2D is a very well thought framework and has features to handle everything game developer requires. Our designers create image sprites in “pvr.ccz” format. This is the native format easily rendered by iOS. Our developers are able to use files from tools Particle Designer and Tile with Cocos2D. This helps our game developers quickly create isometric games and visually appealing particle effects. If you are thinking of games with virtual world, tower games and war games think Cocos2D with us.

Cocos 2D with Box 2d and Chipmunk

Box2d and Chipmunk have been there from long and have been the base physics engine for most games. Cocos2D works with both of them to implement physics like collision detection, gravity, acceleration, friction and momentum. Our team is capable of handling all kinds of physics effects in your game using the above libraries.

Cocos 3D

Cocos3D is an extension of Cocos2d for 3D rendering. Everything we do in Cocos3D can be achieved directly using OpenGL ES but Cocos3D offers a very quick/easy way of achieving them.

Using Cocos 3D our developers are able to:

  • Import models from Blender, 3ds Max, Maya or or Cheetah 3D.
  • Use Cocos2D actions in Cocos3D.
  • Bone rigging
  • Orthographic and perspective projections options.
  • Multi-textures and bump maps
  • Add multiple lights, attenuation with distance, spotlights, and fog effects.
  • Many more…

Our in-depth knowledge of OpenGL ES helps us quickly add features which are required for game if not present in Cocos3d.

Adobe Air Development for iPhone

The new iOS Developer Agreement from Apple allows interpreted code to run on their device, opened window for AS3 development for iPhone/iPad. This development platform is becoming exceedingly popular. Also Adobe’s initiative with Stage3D, the GPU acceleration for rendering helps us achieve same rendering speed with AS3 as we achieve with native code. Click here to read more about Action Script 3 game development.

HTML5 Development for iPhone/iPad

Apple has been one of the biggest contributor to HTML5. Libraries like Sencha and PhoneGap make HTML5 game development effortless. Adobe Dreamweaver is our favorite authoring tool for publishing JavaScript based games for iOS. Click Here to know more about our HTML5 Game development.

To understand our engagement model for iPhone/iPad Game Development contact us for more details or email us at enquiry@logicsimplified.com.

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