HTML5 2D/3D games developers

HTML5 the new standard, has changed the way we perceive web. It has changed the way developers approach a portal or website. Some new set of features of HTML5 that we use in our games are as follows:

  • Canvas API: This API is the heart of game development on HTML5. This gives the whole set of functionalities to add sprites, redraw and transform. Our developers are able to render complex objects on screen using this API .
  • HTML5 WebSocket API: “Multiplayer game with HTML5” then WebSocket API is the answer.
  • Web Workers API: Spawn complex background gaming calculations now with HTML5.
  • Web Storage API: Game status and other information can now be persisted on the client side which opens a new door for offline web games as well.
  • many more……………

3D Games HTML5(WebGL)

WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL is a web implementation of OpenGL. Unfortunately every browser does not support it, Internet Explorer runs with an extra plugin and on Safari we have to enable it. But WebGL is the only future we game developers can see. The tools and libraries built over it make it even more powerful. WebGL offers all the latest 3D has to offer with good FPS. Our HTML5 game developers are able to handle shaders, lighting, rigging and cameras in WebGL.

Our developer’s experience and skill set in OpenGL has made our transition to WebGL extremely simple. Our WebGL developers have expertise in rendering very complex scenes/models with HD quality and FPS in HTML5. If you want to launch the next big title in role playing games, racing games or tower defense games or planning the next big social network in 3D, then hire us.

HTML5 -Publishing for multiple platforms

If you want to build a game which can be published, tested and released on all available platforms (Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Phones) then HTML5 is the technology and Logic Simplified is your team. We use development tools like Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and libraries like PhoneGap to create HTML5 native games, not just web games. Apart from development services we provide a complete set of testing services on all platforms.

Tools/Libraries our team use for HTML5 game development

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5: Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular authoring tools that has been there. It’s new features like multiscreen preview panel and live view rendering makes us all very excited. It helps us build mobile games & web games quickly. Since Adobe Air games can now be developed in HTML and JavaScript, Dreamweaver has become our favorite authoring tool.

PhoneGap: Nitobi was the first company to come out with their revolutionary way of creating mobile apps using HTML5 and JavaScript and now many people like us follow. Our team uses PhoneGap tool chain to create, test and publish games for multiple mobile platforms. PhoneGap in itself has a strong JavaScript API to build mobile games. We also use other JavaScript libraries along with PhoneGap to provide you speedy and cost effective solution.

Sencha: Our team is proficient in handling all libraries and tools provided by Sencha. If you are a start-up and want to use Sencha Touch 2 and Sencha EXT GPL versions we will be more than happy to work. Our team has extensive experience in working with Sencha Designer and Sencha Animator for your games.

Impact: Impact is one of the finest JavaScript gaming libraries. It offers features for all kinds of 2D games and also the option to publish for Web and iPhone. Our JavaScript game developers are proficient in handling its features like Weltmeister, Box2D, animations and collision detection.

Cocos2d: Cocos2d started with framework for development of iPhone games but now has been ported for multiple platforms and JavaScript is one of them. Our developers simply love Cocos2d for its huge list of features and excellent way of controlling animations.

CopperLicht – JavaScript 3D Engine using WebGL: CopperLicht framework exposes many features of WebGL to render 3D content. Their parsers are a quick way to load and animate rigged meshes exported from popular 3D softwares like Blender, 3Ds Max and Maya. Using CopperLicht our developers are able to add shaders, materials, create virtual world and 2D overlays for your 3D games.

To understand our engagement model for HTML5 2D & 3D Game Development contact us or email us at for more details.

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