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  • Engage your users with MMORPG games.
  • Expertise in building P2P games.
  • Give your game users the fun of playing with friends using serverbased (SmartFox, ElectroServer, Red5) multiplayer games.
  • Realtime communication capabilities to your game with audio, video and text chat capabilities (Ejabberd-XMPP, Flash Media Server, WebRTC).
  • Build Multi-User Virtual worlds and MMO communities with Isometric engines (OpenSpace-Engine).
  • Multiplatform game development
    (iOS, Android, Windows, Web, PS3, XBOX).
  • Help In Storyboard Writing.
  • Low Cost & Fastest Time to Market.
  • Transcode existing Flash Games to Smartphones .
  • Intellectual Property is protected.
  • Services:
    Game Design, Game Development, Game Testing, Game Marketing.
  • Launch Social Games for Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms.
  • Game Play User analytics to give your game the best shot in market.


1. Your great bright idea!
2. Let's Connect
3. We lay down an implementation roadmap for you
4. We create assets
5. Watch the progress and share your opinion
6. Multi-platform release HTML

Our Team

  • Ganesh Homer

  • HemantThe Prince of Paints

  • AnkitMr Anderson (Matrix)

  • MonishaThe Effervescent Esmeralda

  • YashveerThe Rainbow

  • HiteshHitman- The Silent Assassin

  • DineshThe Code

  • AkshitaPrincess Kitana

  • PriyankaThe Queen of Hues

  • PoojaThe Critic

  • SumanThe Shy Xiaoyu

  • SumeetThe Super Nerd

  • VishalDollar

  • ShiwaniThe Composer

  • Inder SinghCivilised Yogi Bear

  • SwatiTrinity of Unity

  • KailashMaggi Haired Cyclops

  • SuryakantFlash

  • AbhishekAnimated

  • MahatvaMaster Shifu

  • MadhumitaThe Multipurpose Mystique

  • GauravMr Limitless

  • “3D Game Developer (iOS, Android)”

    Ganesh takes full advantage of his intermittent explosive syndrome to churn out wonderful animations.

    Ganesh has more than 4 years of experience in development. With expertise in Flash, Flex and AS3, he is a part of our Flash development team.
  • “Graphic Designer & Environment Artist”

    Although he looks like Gordon Freeman but Hemant lives more than a full life.

    Hemant is an expert in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Sketching. He is our Technical Artist with more than 4 years of experience in Graphic Designing and loves to make the Mona Lisa smile.
  • “2D Game Developer (Unity/Web)”

    If Scorpions finishing move is Fatality and Johny cage finishes them with Brutality, then Ankit's would be laughtality.

    Ankit is one of our dedicated Unity Developers. He has an years experience to go, along with his Post Graduate degree in Computer Applications. He loves listening to music, watching the matrix trilogy and needless to say, playing games.
  • “2D Game Developer (All Platforms)”

    Monisha's attention span competes with her ability to blink.

    Monisha is a promising Flex Developer with a Bachelor degree in Information Technology. Her excellent sniping abilities in Counter Strike validates the high concentration power.
  • “Graphic Designer/ 2D Artist”

    He is as far from being a Street fighter as anything but has all the physical attributes of RYU.

    Yashveer is our 2D animator with more than a years experience with multiple tools. He loves racing games, both actual and virtual.
  • “2D Game Developer (HTML 5, AS 3)”

    Hitesh is a prime contributor towards the development of the new world culture of geeks with style.

    Hitesh is our Flash/Flex programmer with 3 years of experience. He is the go-to guy for all Flash games related inquiries. He has an unique ability to play several strategy based games simultaneously.
  • “AI & Network Programmer”

    Dinesh never gets tired, he is like the guy from Temple Run when you make your highest score.

    With more than 5 years of experience, supplementing his Post Graduate degree in Computer Application, Dinesh is one of the stalwarts at Logic Simplified. He specifically work towards AI development. His expertise includes Java, Spring, Hibernate, Flex and Flash.
  • “HR Executive”

    Akshita works on her management skills by regularly playing DOTA and Age of Empires.

    Akshita is our HR manager with 4 years of experience. When in a bad mood, she gives competition to an angry bird.
  • “Graphic Designer”

    Priyanka's supporting role is as essential as Ellie's in The Last of Us.

    Priyanka loves depicting the world through her illustrations and sketches. She has been involved with 2D animation for 2 years, wihch makes her a natural at Graphic Designing.
  • “Assistant Manager”

    The ideal manager whose IQ is as advanced as Alyx Vance.

    After four years of coding, Pooja decided to manage game development rather than developing herself. She enjoys talking to clients and listening to start up ideas. Her experience in development equips her to manage the various departments at Logic Simplified.
  • “Graphic Programmer (iOS)”

    Lara Croft can miss a shot but Suman can never miss a code.

    Suman holds a Post Graduate degree in Computer Applications with over 3 years of experience in Flash, Cocos2D and Objective C. Unlike other girls, she loves knitting: Codes.
  • “Director”

    Gaming, Coding and Fitness are his passions. At times he takes care of all three, simultaneously.

    Sumeet is a tech entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in development. He is an expert in 3D Rendering, Network Programming, Physics and Game AI. He is also the Author of "Getting Started with Web GL Game Development", to be published by PacktPub. His profound imagination is the driving force behind Logic Simplified.
  • “Pre-sale Consultant”

    Vishal has his way with words just like Dante from Devil may cry.

    Vishal has more than 8 years of experience in Business Development. He applies his innate interpersonal skills to build and mantain relations for Logic Simplified. Obviously, he is high on the social quotient and famous among the ladies.
  • “Concept Artist”

    She is like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, minus the pink hair, with paintbrushes, pencils and pallets as her primary weapons.

    Shiwani is a Microbiologist by education but a Game Designer by choice. She has more than 10 years of formal training in hand sketches and portrait, making her ideal for the role of Concept Artist at Logic Simplified. Shiwani also handles Pre-Sales when she gets bored of drawing.
  • “AI & Unity 3D Developer”

    After exploring all other dimensions, Inder happens to have settled for the 3rd.

    Inder is our lead Graphics Programmer with more than 5 years of experience in Unity3D, Objective C, Away3D. He is a die hard cricket fan and loves listening to music.
  • “3D Game Developer (All Platforms)”

    Swati intends to open a cola business when she retires and instill some of her effervescent attributes into the same.

    Swati is a Graduate in Information Technology with over an years experience in Android game development. She loves listening to music, programming in Unity and likes running endlessly on her mobile phone.
  • “3D Animator/ Lighting Artist”

    Kailash can be easily mistaken for a gentle giant from 'Shadow of the Colossus".

    Kailash has more than 3 years of experience in 3D Modeling,Texturing, Lighting, Rigging and Animation Art. He is a superstar 3D Animator who aspires to star in a self produced animated movie.
  • “3D Game Developer & Physics Engines”

    He is a hybrid of Nathan Drake and Cyber Snake with the style of Cloud Strife.

    Suryakant is a Graphics Programmer with over 2 years of experience in Java and AS3. He lives and breathes technology even when he is not working. His collection of games can put any gameopedia to shame.
  • “Graphic Designer/ 3D Modeler”

    He excels in creating art. Depicting alternative realities in a game, just like Max Payne.

    Abhishek is a 3D Artist with more than 2 years of experience with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max. This along with his non stop appetite for playing games, help him in understanding requirements and creating appropriate designs.
  • “3D Game Developer (iOS, Android & Web)”

    Mahatva is someone who would be on call of duty even when he turns into a ghost.

    Mahatva has been involved with Unity development for 2 years. He has a bachelor degree in IT. When he is not working, he likes to play the guitar, modify video games and learn different languages.
  • “Network Programmer”

    Madhumita could have easily replaced Princess Peach but then she would kill the dragon herself.

    Madhumita is an iOS developer with over 2 years of experience. She has a Post Graduate Degree in Computer Application and loves playing Candy Crush during her lunch break.
  • “3D Modeler & Environment Artist”

    Gaurav is the Logic simplfied version of Link from the Legend of Zelda. Zelda being his bike.

    Gaurav has been into 3D Modelling and Texturing for 5 years. He is the chief game modeler at Logic Simplified.His passion for gaming can only be matched by his passion for photography and music.

Recent Work

We do not just GIVE AWESOME GRAPHICS but also render them with 0% quality loss and minimal memory footprint. We promise Eclectic Taste in game design and Impeccable Code Quality.
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  • Angryball Street

    Unity 3D(iOS, Android)
    Angryball street has been developed using unity 3D. It is an action packed game wherein a raging ball smothers everything that comes in its way. You earn points on the basis of the extent and the quickness of the damage you do through the ball. The game has multiple levels, each with its set of distinct objects for you to crush. One Unity Developer, One Game Designer, One Quality Analyst worked along with their Team Lead to deliver this project in two months.Try it Yourself
  • Froganator

    Froganator is an action adventure game set across both earth and space. It is the quest of a frog as it travels through hazardous rivers in search of food. It undergoes bilogical mutations on its journey and finally ends up travelling to outer space. You have to make your frog bigger and stronger by consuming food and collecting coins. This shall prepare him for the journey ahead into the hazards of toxic rivers and outer space. The game was developed by a team of 1 Game Developer, 1 Game Designer and 1 Quality Analyst under the guidance of their Team Lead in 1 and a half months.Try it Yourself
  • Leg Defense

    Leg Defense is a tower game, where you have to obstruct ravaging pirates from wrecking the forest. You set animal towers, which act as impediments in the paths of the pirates. Each animal tower has special powers of its own which help you in thwarting your opponents. With a number of beautifully designed levels and characters, this game is sure to keep you glued to your devices for endless hours. A team of 2 Developers, 1 Game Designer, 1 Quality Analyst worked along with their Team Lead to delive the application in 2 months.Try it Yourself

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