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Game Development Company In India

Game Development requires a specific set of skills. These skills are not only limited to programming but range from basic knowledge of available hardware/gadgets to expertise in Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. When we started our career as programmers, we felt that Game Development would be the same as Web Development & App development but that was not the case.

We realized that unlike any other business process, Game Development requires very specific, niche mindset as well as knowledge that takes years to gain. We can surely get a game developed from a company that has developers, not trained to be Game Developers. But, we realized that the end game which a regular developer builds, as compared to the output of a game developer is miles apart, not just in quality but also in turn-around time. Hence, the core idea to build Logic Simplified as only a Game Development Company evolved.

At LS, we only hire people who have good foundation in mathematics and have loved playing games from their childhood. They should already be aware of end-user expectations and know how to realize them. In Offshore Game Development, unlike any other business process, you cannot spec down every requirement, hence a great deal of inputs are expected from the developer himself. While developing games, a developer has to constantly think about elements of the game that would give him an Adrenaline rush. He has to be closely involved in the game and incorporate many unspecified requirements very quickly.

The Gaming industry is evolving each day. Many new inventions like Windows Kinect & Leap Motion have taken over the market. It would be impossible for any non-game developer to cover the gap from basics to optimum usage of the new technologies. At LS, our game development company, a developer programs basic physics rules into most complicated graph algorithms day in and day out. They understand rendering and GPU working inside out. They manipulate basic 2D graphics and implement most complicated 3D rendering logics every day. While most non-game developers might struggle to figure out ways to implement basic features, our team knows exactly the algorithm, the library and the platform in which that feature can be best implemented. These strong basics help us quickly learn and adapt to above mentioned new technologies as well as technologies like WebGL.

Our team at LS not only has great programmers but also experts in game development technologies like:

  • Physics Engines.
  • Maths Libraries.
  • Networking Programming.
  • Gaming Servers
  • Streaming Servers.
  • OpenGL, DirectX and other Rendering Engines.
  • Shading Language.
  • XMPP.
  • Security, Encryption
  • and many more.

Domain specific and deep skills are the need of the hour and that is what, we at Logic Simplified, a game development company in India is striving to achieve.

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