Hire Web Designers

Our design team’s day starts with the stroke of colors and ends in the depth of shades. They keep recording thoughts and observations as and when they occur to them. These observations are then evoked, depicted or transformed either into your web design, graphic art or game scene. Their constant search for the picturesque enables us to create unique designs for your next great business idea.

Our design team is basically a set of artists who have spent a lot of time with pencils, papers and brushes in early days of their career. Our programmers kept hearing from them “2B, 3B, H, F, 9H….” and thought they were talking about periodic tables in chemistry, we were naive to know that pencils came in so many gradings. Our sketch artists do your logos, icons, landscapes and then get them approved by you. Do not worry, we will not just ship a piece of paper, we are good in tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp and you will surely get the digital art from us. Every new project starts off with sketches and then we create vector/raster images. Vector images do not get distorted and can be used in any shape and form in print media or website. Hence our art and decision of tool will never disappoint you. Our designers’ color sense will in-fact impress you. Our programmers are amazed when our visualizers spend hours on sites like kuler.adobe.com to get the right shade combination for your business idea.

How does the above help you?

The above skills of our designers help us conceptualize, design and create 2D assets for your interface. Our strong artistic, typographic and layout skills help them put these assets in a way that your customer’s experience is soothing. Our thorough understanding of UI flow and function design easily navigates your customer through the menus, icons and pages of your website.

Good design skills are just not enough!

The knowledge of web is another crucial consideration. Design is important but not enough, a website is like a shop where customers should reach by themselves. Hence in “www” a well located shop is a website which is search engine friendly,fast and should render on maximum possible devices. This is where our UI designers and HTML team come in handy, we know exactly how search engines work, we can map fonts to devices and CSS to browsers. Our design team works closely with our HTML5, JavaScript and Flash developers. We make sure that our design keep your customers happy and satisfy search engines as well. Our developers will take your design, export images in required format-size-weight, write search engine friendly HTML5 and host the template on a Content Management System.

Our perceptual and technical skills help us offer:

  • Website design
  • Wordpress theme design
  • Joomla template design
  • Drupal theme design
  • PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Custom graphics
  • Vector arts.
  • Icon sets

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