Hire 3D game developers

The key ingredient for a game concept’s success is the “time to market (TTM)”. The game looses its flavor if it stays in the developer’s hand longer than anticipated. We understand what it takes to launch a concept to game. We also respect the fact that you know better than us and you want to manage the project. Broadly there are two engagement models that move from very high involvement, very high control mode to a low involvement, low control mode. These are as follows:

You manage the team we build for you

In this model we understand you already have the expertise and want good developers to help you launch faster and want to reduce overall costs. The developer/team is billed on the actual hours he/they worked for you.

In this model our role is:

  • Help you select developer or team through test/interviews.
  • Train that developer in your designed architecture/technology to start them quickly.
  • Manage their work logs for you.
  • Replace developer/team in case of any issues.

Your role is:

  • Give him/them daily/weekly tasks.
  • Review his work(quality and code).
  • Train the developer in your preferred project management tools.
  • Communicate regularly with the developers.

We do everything-design, architect, develop

In this engagement model you reach out to us with a documented story of your game or concept. We will do everything from there on, design, develop, architect, launch it for you. Our analyst will listen to you, understand the concept then we will do one of the two things:

a) We understand your requirements and can give you a timeline for the complete project: In this case we will give you a fixed price quote and your risks are minimized. We will send you a detailed proposal. The proposal will cover things like delivery timelines, risks, dependencies on your side, team structure, hourly break up of each module, technology insight and agreed upon review process.

b) Requirements are not completely understood or not complete and you want to evolve the requirements as we go along: In this case we will break the complete project into modules. We will give you a ball park quote of the complete project and it can be far from the actual overall cost of the project. This ball park quote is just to give you an idea of our billing rates and delivery timelines. From there on we will provide a fix price before we start a module , we will also provide a timeline and plan. So basically we put a cap on the modules cost. This means that we bear the complete risk of budget overshoot for that module assuming the requirements of that module will not change drastically.

Our Role

  • Provide complete project/module plan before we start.
  • Provide you with bug tracking system, task management tool, code repository.
  • Set up team of architects, designers, developers.
  • Design all game assets.
  • Maintain high quality, well documented code through review process.
  • Architect the complete solution.
  • Responsible for complete game security and Intellectual Property rights protection.
  • Functional testing.
  • Help you perform integrated testing.

Your role

  • Perform integrated tests.
  • Approve designs, architecture.
  • Attend or conduct weekly status meetings.
  • Approve/Disapprove the weekly release.
  • Provide us with dev/test servers and the licenses.

Hence in pure offshore model you are the motivator, writer and reviewer and we are your tech team.

Contact us to get a free quote.

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