PlayBook & BlackBerry game developers

BlackBerry development was earlier completely done in Java using RIM IDE. But since the launch of WebWorks we can build native BlackBerry games using HTML5. Our BlackBerry game developers really appreciate this initiative from RIM.

WebWorks game development for BlackBerry phone

We create 2D games for BlackBerry using HTML5. Our BlackBerry game developers test your game on BlackBerry 5.0 and above phones. We can port your game for other platforms quickly with minimum cost and time to market if we develop your game in JavaScript. The development becomes even simpler by the use of the famous JavaScript frameworks like Sencha and ImpactJS for your BlackBerry game.

We have the complete testing infrastructure and profiling tools to test your games on a wide range of BlackBerry devices.

Html5 WebWorks framework : This is the fastest way to create exciting BlackBerry games and they can be easily ported to all platforms. BlackBerry JavaScript API provides access to all the features provided by native BlackBerry Java API. Our game developers use JavaScript API to create games that use GPS, TileMaps, cache and BBM. The JavaScript API also provide powerful graphics and media library functions to create most powerful games for your end users. Click here to read more about our HTML5 development.

BlackBerry tablet OS game development

PlayBook the recent product of BlackBerry is a great tablet. BlackBerry is putting a lot of effort in its development platform for developer community to create applications for this device. BlackBerry is supporting multiple development platforms which are compatible with other devices so that existing applications can be ported for BlackBerry tablet. This makes our work to port existing applications for BlackBerry very easy as we have to spend more time in testing it than to write it from scratch.

We do BlackBerry tablet game development on the following platforms:

Html5 WebWorks framework and WebGL for 3D games : HTML5 WebWorks framework on tablet is more powerful and feature rich as compared to its counterpart BlackBerry phone JavaScript API. But if you develop a game for the phone it is easily ported for the tablet. The WebWorks framework on PlayBook 2 also supports WebGL, the most powerful 3D graphics library. Using WebGL you can always look forward to develop 3D games for Playbook. Click here to read more about our HTML5 and WebGL 3D development.

Native BlackBerry games: We also develop games for BlackBerry using their Native language C/C++. If your game requirements demand some advance features which are not supported by other platforms then we prefer to build games using this platform. The other advantage of using this platform is that certain games that have been developed for iPad/iPhone can be ported for BlackBerry quickly. Some frameworks mentioned below are used extensively by our BlackBerry game development team:

  • Cocos2d-x : Cosos2D is a very famous gaming framework for iPhone and now is ported for many platforms including BlackBerry. This is a huge advantage for games which are created for iPhone/iPad and now can be ported quickly for BlackBerry tablet. Contact us if you already have an iPhone game in Cocos2d and plan to launch a BlackBerry tablet version of the same game.
  • GamePlay : Another latest game development framework which can be used to develop games for multiple platforms. Hence if you want to build a game for BlackBerry tablet, iOS and Android we will prefer GamePlay. It provides a long list of features that can be used to develop exciting functionalities for your BlackBerry game.

Adobe Air Games for BlackBerry Tablet : Adobe and BlackBerry have been working together for long now. BlackBerry releases its own version of AIR to support AIR development. So if you already have an AIR/Flash game then contact us to port it for BlackBerry tablet. Click here to read more about our expertise in Flash/AS3.

Android Games for BlackBerry Tablet : This is the biggest initiative by BlackBerry to promote their tab and we are prepared to use it. Their plan to use existing Android code is much appreciated by our Android development team. Android based apps are quickly ported for BlackBerry tab. We test it and launch it to BlackBerry App Store for you. Click here to read more about our expertise and frameworks we use for Android development.

To understand our engagement model for BlackBerry Game Development contact us or email us at for more details.

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