Android game developers

Android is now one of the most popular platform for mobile, television and set-top box. Hence, our clients/partners would never miss on users of this platform. Our Android developers have worked with startups to OEM’s to release applications/games on the platform. Android platform in itself provides a huge list of API’s to render 2D/3D graphics.

Challenges in Android game development:

The biggest challenge in Android game development is testing on devices marketed by multiple vendors. Also vendors market Android phones on multiple screen sizes and resolutions. We provide complete infrastructure for testing your game on these screen sizes and devices. We provide complete launch/test plan so that your game covers the widest range of Android based handheld devices.

Native Java game development

Our Android game developers’ extensive knowledge in OpenGL ES 2.0 helps us quickly build and release games to Android market. But working directly with OpenGL becomes very cumbersome and time consuming hence our Android developers prefer to work with ready made libraries/tools built around OpenGL. This way we speed up the overall game development process.

Libraries our Android developers use:

LibGDX : LibGDX is the most popular, high performance and cross platform game development engine. It is quite popular for Android based games. Many other frameworks like AndEngine, Slick-AE have been built over it.
All our Android game developers are in love with this framework. Using the framework we are able to build 2D and 3D games with features like

  • Super fast animation using batched and cached sprite rendering
  • Water, fog, smoke effects with particle physics
  • 2D world with tile map rendering
  • Smooth NPC animation with high end tweens
  • Key based and skeleton based animation
  • Gravity, fiction, collision with physics from Box2D
  • Motion detection using accelerometer and compass
  • Audio/Video support for your game.

JPCT-AE : a free 3D library for Android game development. JPCT-AE offers all that you need to publish a 3D Android game.

Ardor3D : a very powerful Java-based 3D engine. Works on Android and on the desktop, and is open source with great documentation.

The decision of the gaming engine solely depends on the game requirements.

Other platforms for Android game development

Unity3D : Our Android game developers are proficient in building and testing games in Unity 3D. Click here to know more about our Unity development.

Adobe Air development for Android : Android platform and Adobe go along way back. All Android OS versions support Flash. Hence Flash/Adobe Air is one of the most popular game development platform for Android devices. Click here to read more about AS3 game development.

HTML5 development for Android : Google and Apple have been one of the biggest contributor to HTML5. Adobe has also published authoring tools to develop JavaScript based AIR games and as well as browser based games. Click here to know more about our HTML5 game development.

Android multiplayer game development

We develop Android multiplayer games using RTMP protocol and third party gaming servers like SmartFoxServer. Click here to know more.

To understand our engagement model for Android game development contact us or email us at for more details.

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