5 Best PlayStation VR Games One Should Definitely Pay For

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The much hyped PlayStation VR has established its place in the market with its stunning features and a reasonable price (just $399). The best thing that works with PSVR is that it is specially made for PlayStation 4 (as the name suggests) so almost 44million people who don’t own a high-end gaming PC are in for VR treat.

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Here, we have compiled the best PSVR games that will take you an exquisite roller coaster ride of Virtual Reality.

Batman Arkham VR


For those who are ardent fans of Batman game series, Batman Arkham will be a larger than life experience. Being in the shoes of Batman, solving the mystery which lasts about more than an hour, the game takes you to all the familiar places like Batcave and Arkham Asylum. Since it’s such a small game it would be an injustice to reveal all the trivial details of the game. Nonetheless, that’s one game one should play to experience an immersive gameplay in the murder mystery.

Price: $19.99

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Source: Playstion Europe

RIGS is a first-person multiplayer deathmatch game where you’re seated in the cockpit of a mech. It’s a fabulous VR game where you get to choose from 24 RIGS and football modes.

Price: $49.99

Eve Valkyrie

A first-person space-fighting game is the epitome of Virtual Reality for every gamer. After its success on Oculus Rift, Eve Valkyrie is all set to take the PSVR players on a journey in Eve: the online Universe. You can have fun sessions with your friends and death is too magical to be missed out in the game. However, motion sickness may be experienced in the game.

Price: $49.99

PlayStation VR Worlds

Source: Playstion Europe

For people who are experimenting with Virtual Reality for the very first time, VR Worlds can be a really thrilling game for them as the game caters a variety of virtual reality experiences. From being trapped in the shark cage to being in the shoes of a jewel thief to shooting games. Basically, there is no special connection between all the games but the game is perfectly designed to ease the new players into the virtual reality sphere.

Price: $24


Source: Youtube

Bright lights running along a track in the middle of the screen with a thumping rhythm in the background depicts a familiar design for rhythm games. A metallic beetle racing along these tracks is controlled by the player. As the game proceeds, the game’s tempo builds from slow to a thunder lightning speed. You will have to jump, shift, dodge and drift in the game. Failing to do so will either cause the sequence to loop or the death of the beetle. Restarting the game and playing again to reach the point where you died isn’t much of a hard work since the game levels are divided into small portions. So, the player reaches the desired point in no time.

Price: $20

Many more exciting games like Resident Evil 7 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew are in the due for launch in 2017. As we witnessed, 2016 has been a year of a wide variety of VR headsets. Let’s hope that next year brings a much broader array of more thrilling VR games in the market. Until then, keep yourself hooked to the magical world of Virtual Reality.

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